Biden Wins It— My “Taboo” yet Family-Friendly Political Thoughts.

Now that Biden won (he basically did I swear), my general candid opinion about politics is that idealism is really confusing, posssibly just too confusing to ever fully make sense, despite the fact that young people seem to insist it’s the only good thing to ever half-exist in politics.  All I could ever make out from Bernie Sanders was that he wanted to tax the rich a ton of money and use that to fund a lot of his initiatives. Very crude of me to put it like that, but that seems to be how Bernie put it as well.  I voted for him in the primaries anyways because it would be nice if all the basic stuff being good in this country was the norm... college education, health care, maybe even getting a basic universal income, all sort of fiat flex goodness delivered right to your door... but in a Bernie Bro way.

But, there are more pressing things to deal with in 2020, and due to the 49% of Republicans in the nation, democrats thought we needed to be more centrist.  They‘ve turned out to be right enough, by the looks of it.  There’s lots of cynicism out there which says that Biden is going to be a dud but Trump was a much worse option.  But I don’t think that’s going to be the case.  I think that cynicism too often gets mistaken for wisdom, and that’s what allows it to pollute minds like lead.

I’m not saying Bernie wasn’t the best candidate in this race.  I honestly don’t know. My vote for him was because he wanted to repair the climate the fastest in his plan. It’s not like Stalin came to the table saying “let’s spend trillions of dollars a year on the environment and tax the wealthy more than 60%“. Bernie apparently was sexist towards the women pundits according to some people or maybe he wasn’t; but no matter, it was his politics that were important, his supporters say.

It’s good that Biden is also going to pay for the environment his plan is far less meager than cynical half-burners (people who follow Bernie didn’t follow his own advice to vote for Joe and instead called him a traitor)say. It’s 12 figures big.  My biggest concern has always been environmental spending. I have come to feel like the better the environment becomes, the more progressivism will be injected into the air (metaphorically)... because the reason we made so many guns in the first place was because of wars— the same reason we accelerated combustion based vehicles and cancelled solar energy development in the early 20th century.  Build electronic vehicles and planes and mine asteroids, and people will get interested in those things instead of killing people they hate because the president says it isn’t not good to do so.

Lots of People will still be in pain and maybe the majority of people hate Biden so much that they’ll vote for Joe Cotton in 2024.  We’ll have to see.  It’s just a bit unfair that people equated Bernie with the perfect Blue Wave for so many years because it bred unrealistic expectations, as if a Bernie Dem ticket would have magically gotten this country which is almost exactly half Republican, to magically get more progressive and that the senate would flip just because Bernie has a far left agenda.  And yet, him not being elected makes his un-bridled potential all the more potent in theory to his closest supporters...never to be tested in politics but always the perfect myth... and all the more reason to set oneself up to be disappointed in Biden.

I think we should celebrate what Biden says he is going to do, and celebrate his earnestness and determination.  He’s gotten through so much. Three close family members died on his watch, a brain aneurysm on the cusp of what Would have been career-making runs he was having, and having to wait until he was almost 80 on his third try to make it to -resident. It’s true, Bernie is older... but It’s not fair to be so perfectionist.  We have to take whatever steps forward we can in this 49% Republican nation, and see where it gets us.  And on an existential level, we have to do what every single human being before us has done.... We have to breathe in and out and accept that there are limitations to what human beings can achieve within a lifetime.  Even if those things seem so obvious to some very wise people, There will always be a limit.

happy election week everyone, may our dreams otherwise turn into reality in 2021.

Tim Chernikoff

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