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October 5, 2016  [written in Harlem, NYC]
Lots of new things going on in New York so far this fall!  It's been tough as usual but great to do more writing and to get working and performance opportunities.  There are so many people in the New York scene, and it's very competitive, yet there is a collaborative spirit within everything that is inspiring!
The next thing on the schedule is a show this Sunday at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1!  I'm looking forward to bringing out what I've written so far and playing with an incredible band consisting of Peter Kronreif, Jakob Dreyer, and Evan Francis.  Each of these players are incredible!  Hailing from Austria, Peter Kronreif plays some of the coolest feels over my writing and has a very captivating intensity!  As we continue to work on new material he continues to display a remarkable presence in the moment as well as an attention to the arc of the tune.  Jakob Dreyer, from Germany, is the backbone of the equilibrium in the band.  He is a vital part of the performance, and knows how to keep every musical moment alive!  Evan is my co-collaborator on our current music and is an incredible musician.  I always think that my music is too hard for other people to integrate into their own language.  Evan proves me wrong as a melodic improvisor, and I'm happy to hear him play everything that I never would have thought about doing!  I'm extremely lucky to have all of these players on my project!!!
It has been a challenging yet rewarding undertaking to continue from my positive experiences in the Bay Area and keep up the music.  Composing in New York is different.  The city certainly keeps you on your toes at all times.  In a way this gives everyone an opportunity to make music no matter where they are in their profession.  I have to say, this isn't such a terrible thing for someone in my position, all things considered!
THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supports the music, and I really look forward to sharing some new music with you all !!!
See you soon!!!
   Tim Chernikoff
July 31, 2016  [written in Palo Alto, CA]
Lots of new things going on this summer!  The last week I have been spending time in the Bay Area, CA to celebrate family occasions and to make some music.  I am fortunate to have been afforded some time in the recording studio of Stephen Marley in Santa Clara, CA where we will lay down a mini set of brand new compositions that I've written over the course of the past year, taking my previous writing several steps forward in anticipation of a first full length album recording whose touchdown date is close to being determined.
Writing music is a very challenging thing for me.  The greatest challenge is in being able to trust in the decisions that I make with what to include in my writing and what to leave out.  When determining this for a first album, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the process, as there has been no prior formal feedback for my compositions.  I am thrilled to be moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel, with the help of some very talented players that include new acquaintances from the Oakland scene-- the rhythm section of Mike Quigg and Giulio Cetto-- as well as a performance with NYC Colleague Evan Francis.  There's a lot to be said about this situation and I think that a great learning experience is going to take place on this session... and I can't discount the help that has been given to me by many other musicians in the Bay Area and New York, who will be mentioned up here and on my album very soon.
Along with the learning process in the studio, the series of fortunate occurrences continues with an equally great lineup next friday August 5th at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, CA.  The show takes place from 8 to 10 PM and features most of the same players as the session, substituting in Greg Wyser-Pratte in Mike Quigg's stead.   Greg is a phenomenal player in the area who I was fortunate to run into several years ago in 2011, when we played on a couple of gigs in San Francisco.  
As the fall approaches and I look towards scheduling new shows and work in New York, I am grateful to have these musical experiences directly in front of and behind me... and on top of all of these aforementioned opportunities will be some more time spent hanging out at the Stanford Jazz Workshop, where I will have the chance to get a nice booty-whooping by the incomparable Taylor Eigsti.  Spend an hour with that guy and you've got years of new development mapped out for you!  With fear and trembling, I say that this will be a positive week of great musical challenges and development to push my current efforts forward in leaps and bounds.
THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supports the music, and I really look forward to sharing some new music with you all !!!
All the best in Music,
   Tim Chernikoff