Skyline Shot- LIC
Rockwood Stage 1, October 9 2016
LIC Shot Fence
Rockwood 10-9-16 Full Band and Audience
Rockwood 10-9-16 Evan and Jakob
Rockwood 10-9-16 Tim and Evan
Home Portrait
B&W Artist Shot
Rockwood 10-9-16
Rockwood October 2016
Samurai Hotel Aug 19 2020
Samurai HOtel Aug 19 2020
Samurai Hotel Masked
Samura Hotel Masked Group
Samurai Hotel Orientation
Tim Rockwood 3 June 2017
Tim w/magic lights RWMC 3 6/2017
RWMC 3 6-2017 Full Band
Sax Summit RWMC 3
Ken Salters RWMH 6-2017
Jakob RWMH 6-2017
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1, 12-19-16
Red Rock Coffee Mountain View, CA Aug 2016
Tim, Giulio, Greg @Red Rocks Coffee 8-2016
Evan and Co., Red Rock Coffee 8-2016
Brooklyn Jam 2016
Jupiter Berkeley 2015
Jupiter Beer Berkeley 7-2016
LIC March 2015
Practice Room Solo Piano 2016
Red Rock Coffee Mountain View, CA Aug 2016

Tim plays backed by Giulio Cetto and Greg-Wyser-Pratt, and co-led by Evan Francis, at Red Rocks Coffee in Mountain View, California; Tim's played at Red Rock since 2006.